Donny Sinclair Memorial Trophy

On 19th June 2016, at our end of season presentation, the Club suffered a tremendous tragedy, with the passing of our friend Donny Sinclair. At the time Donny was our U12 coach, and just a few days away from being elected as Chairman. He was a well-known and much loved figure, involved in lots of community groups and causes including DaSH.

The Club will honour Donny’s memory every year and celebrate everything that he contributed to both our Club, and the wider community.

As part of this celebration, we invite an opponent to take part in the Donny Sinclair Memorial Trophy, where one of own DaSH Teams will compete to retain/regain the trophy each year.

In addition, we also invite our opponents, red Star Rife, made up mostly of Donny’s friends, family and Club members, to compete for the Donny Sinclair Memorial Trophy.

Previous years:


In 2016 at our inaugural event, the junior trophy was won by DaSH U12, in a thrilling penalty shootout final v Peacehaven U12. The adult trophy was won by Red Star Rife, a team of Donny’s long-standing friends and former teammates.


The 2017 junior trophy was retained by DaSH in a confident 4-0 victory over Peacehaven, and the adult trophy was retained by Donny’s former team Red Star Rife.


The 2018 junior trophy was retained by DaSH after a thrilling 7-5 victory over Premier, which was followed by another 12-goal bonanza. A 6-6 draw between DaSH XI and Red Star Rife XI, leading to a penalty shootout, with Red Star running out winners again for the third contest in succession.


This year saw victory for both the DaSH junior team and the DaSH coaches, with the latter winning a good game ending 4-1, with a goal from Cameron, Donny’s son.


Another victory for DaSH in the adults and youth games. This year also saw the first ladies game take place as part of the day


The junior game was an in-house game taking place between our U9s and U10s with Brayden, Donny’s son on the winning team and scoring several goals for his team. The adult game saw DaSH coaches run out 4-3 winners with a last-minute free kick, which was given rather contentiously.


Please join us on 21st August for this year’s games.