100 Club Winners List

July 17 winners: 1st) P Sammars. 2nd) L Overton. 3rd) S Wingate.

August 17 winners: 1st) C Connors. 2nd) J Sands. 3rd) M Wells

September 17 winners: 1st) C Bell. 2nd) D Roe. 3rd) L Overton

October 17 winners: 1st) P Pellett. 2nd) A Walker. 3rd) J Harris

November 17 winners: 1st) N Jones. 2nd) J&G Canning. 3rd) K Hill

December 17 winners: 1st) C Bell. 2nd) D Loosemore. 3rd) D Kerr

January 18 winners: 1st) J Sands. 2nd) M Curnock. 3rd) D Loosemore

February 18 winners: 1st) L Overton. 2nd) C Connors. 3rd) J Novis

March 18 winners: 1st) D Weller. 2nd) G Hill. 3rd) K Mills

May 18 winners: 1st) V Novis. 2nd) D Roe. 3rd) C Nash

June 18 winners: 1st) A Scott. 2nd) B Jukes. 3rd) L Overton

July 18 winners: 1st) J Harris. 2nd) B Davies. 3rd) K Hill

Aug 18 winners: 1st) J Longkey. 2nd) M & J Wells. 3rd) S McLaughlan

Thank You REMF

We’d like to say a huge, huge DaSH Thank You, to The Robert Eaton Memorial Fund.

After lots of hard work and fundraising within the Club over the past year, REMF have donated and incredible £6000 to help us complete the renovation of our facilities.

We’ll be removing our old units and installing a new clubhouse, canteen and toilets over the next few weeks. Part of the ongoing transformation at DaSH JFC.

A massive thank you to REMF for their amazing generosity from all us members, supporters and volunteers.


Club Photo

This Saturday (April 28th) during training we will be organising the players and coaches for a club photo.

We aim for this to be around 10:15 – 10:30 so please ensure you remain after or arrive early for training.

All players need to be in club training shirt, and preferably black shorts and black socks.


Andy – Club Secretary

Sponsored walk 2018

On Saturday 21st April, for the second year running the club held a sponsored walk to the top of Mount Caburn.

This year the aim was to raise money for the much needed replacement of the canteen and toilet facilities at the Hollow.

An amazing effort by all in involved saw around 85 children/players, an equal number of parents/supporters and quite a few dogs/mascots 🙂

Thanks to all for their efforts!